subj:: dale;;;;

name: daleeeee. x [he/him]
astrology bs: aquarius sun/cancer moon/ariez rising
things: horror movies x rpgs x im gay. x tattoos/body mods x irl vampire x punk x ska x hyperpop x house x plays world of darkness ttrpgs x switchy switchy switch

subj:: videogamez;;;;

currently playing: pentiment, &&&& hades

fallout 3
fallout: new vegas
fallout 4
mass effect 2
mass effect 3
dragon age: origins
dragon age 2
lollipop chainsaw
saints row the third
saints row 4
red dead redemption 2

subj:: bookz + comix;;;;

i never liked you x chester brown

pinky & pepper forever x eddy atoms

nothing nice to say x mitch clem

hitchhiker's guide to the galaxy x douglas adams

subj:: tv;;;;

american dad
venture bros
clone high og season
my life as a teenage robot
bojack horseman
f is for family
monster high
ever after high
peep show

subj:: juliet x nick;;;;


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diary xxxxxxxxxxx

art (nsfw)xxxxx


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hi i'm dale!
i make music videos!
(and have a lot of feelings!! loud screaming noises!!!)